My work often has an organic, tropical, nature content which is a reflection on the Floridian way of living. Current paintings are in acrylic and watercolor, on different surfaces, from washed up beach wood, canvas, watercolor paper to glass bottles.

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I do Not think photographs are for people who can’t remember!


A photograph is a capture of one moment in time.  A photograph can be manipulated.  A photograph can share a wonder or a horror with the world. A photograph can show the world your view from a specific event or moment in time. A photograph can jog a pushed back memory… good or bad.  A wall of photographs keeps a room alive with personality and memories.

I have photographs of relatives, their friends and constituents  from over a hundred years ago and that is history!  History was important to my family: photographs, letters, newspaper articles, Bibles and collected information were important.  I am grateful for those who were advanced enough, in that part of history, to capture and share it far into the future. I am working to gather and continue to find venues to keep the history alive.

I am fascinated by street photography.  The digital world has brought so many issues with protection and sharing rights that some have raised questions about “if we should”.  Everyone stops to look at a black and white street photograph.  A certain amount of aura is captured in that moment which pulls the viewer in to ponder.  What if war correspondents stopped to say “should I ?” before they captured what was happening for the entire world could see?